Phase I Experience

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Experience

Environmental Compliance Assessment Management Program (ECAMP) Audit
Cannon Air Force Base, NM

Audited Cannon AFB’s compliance with federal and state surface and ground water regulations and with Air Force protocols for compliance with these regulations. Key issues encountered during the audit were groundwater monitoring protocol compliance, RCRA transportation of non-hazardous wastes within facility boundaries, and treatment of wastes via detonation as acceptable practice under RCRA.

Groundwater Quality Assessment
Private Client

Managed a groundwater quality assessment near a rail yard in Sparks, Nevada, influenced by the Helms pit hydrocarbon plume to evaluate groundwater quality. The investigation consisted of designing and installing monitoring wells, collecting samples, and preparing a report for the commercial property owner.

On-Call Environmental Site Assessments
Private Client

Managed an on-call contract with a national bank to conduct environmental site assessments. Project responsibilities included directing site inspections, review of regulatory agency files, evaluating potential impacts of underground storage tanks and known spills or leaks, investigation of wastewater discharge and hazardous waste disposal practices and characterizing groundwater impacts.Insert photo of man standing next to drill rig either picture #17 or 18

Tier 1 Risk Assessment
Private Client

Performed a Tier 1 risk assessment following ASTM RBCA guidelines for a pesticide site located in Carson Valley. The analysis resulted in closure of the site and no further action required assuming no future land use changes.

Environmental Site Assessment
Private Client

Performed an ESA of over 10,000 acres of ranchland operating since approximately 1860, evaluated ranch operation impacts to environment, characterized environmental impact of historical operations such as onsite landfilling, underground tank usage and application of pesticides and herbicides.

Phase I & II Environmental Audits
City of Reno Redevelopment Agency

Performed Phase I and II Environmental Audits of the Reno Masonic Temple and Granada Theaters. Soil borings were taken from both properties to assess the presence of petroleum hydrocarbons from underground heating oil tanks.

Highway Right-of-Way Property Investigations
Nevada Dept. of Transportation

Performed screening study of 32 miles of highway right-of-way for NDOT to identify potentially contaminated properties prior to acquisition. Ranked over 100 sites by degree of potential environmental impacts and proposed further screening actions for NDOT.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
City of Reno Redevelopment Agency

Performed Phase I Environmental Site Assessments of approximately sixty parcels within the downtown Reno railroad right-of-way corridor.