Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments

Environmental Site Assessments

LGS provides comprehensive environmental site assessment and characterization services, including:

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments(ESA): Preliminary study to identify past or present recognized environmental conditions in connection with the subject site;
  • Phase II ESA: Site characterization based on findings of potential environmental concern as a result of Phase I search; and
  • Phase III ESA: Remedial action performed as a result of site contamination identified through Phase II characterization.

Phase I ESA’s are studies performed to identify past and present environmental conditions and to satisfy  requirements for the innocent landowner defense following ASTM guidelines. Phase I studies are often required by financial lenders to ensure properties being purchased do not have environmental issues.The work performed in a Phase I is to evaluate the history of the site by review of items such as historical aerial photos and fire insurance maps as well as determining if there are any environmental regulatory issues. Use of chemicals onsite since the beginning of the site history is evaluated. An onsite inspection and interview of personnel is performed and disposal history at the site such as discharging waste into onsite facilities  is reviewed. If any “red flags” are uncovered then a Phase II onsite investigation is performed which generally includes soil and groundwater sample collection. Phase III is remediation of the site performed under the supervision of the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection.