Services for the Mining Industry

Lahontan GeoScience provides environmental services and groundwater resource analysis for the mining industry such as:

  • Permitting and regulatory compliance
  • EIS preparation
  • Baseline hydrogeologic analysis, groundwater modeling and dewatering/recharge studies
  • Mine reclamation and closure plans
  • Post-closure monitoring and inspections
  • Groundwater sampling, monitoring well design and installation
  • Groundwater resource assessment and yield analysis

LGS specializes in preparation of mining permits, reclamation and closure, and performs groundwater and surface water monitoring to support mining efforts. We use groundwater computer models to evaluate mining impacts and characterize the groundwater resource. Creation of mine pits filled with groundwater after mining ceases is an ongoing issue that is addressed by performing groundwater chemistry and flow modeling to predict the time for pits to refill and the composition of the filled pit water. LGS has worked for mining clients, and county and state agencies overseeing mining operations, by performing site investigations as well as reviewing work done by other consultants.

See below for some of our mining services experience.

  • Abandoned Mine Reclamation

    LGS staff managed site characterization and restoration design for historic abandoned copper mine located in Sierra Nevada Mountains for the California Regional Water Quality Control Board.

  • Mining Services

    Lahontan GeoScience provides services to the mining industry such as monitoring well installation, groundwater and surface water sampling, pit water quality assessment, numerical modeling of contaminant flows, basin yield studies and evaluation of induced seismicity.