Phase II Environmental Site Investigations for the City of Reno’s ReTRAC Project

  • Aerial view of UPRR right-of-way in downtown Reno, Nevada, showing the at grade location before the trench was excavated.
  • Site plan of a commercial parcel next to the UPRR right-of-way that was acquired during the ReTrac project.
  • Cross section showing the soil borings used to assess subsurface soil conditions prior to excavation. A direct push drill rig was used to retrieve samples from inside a manufacturing building.

LGS conducted Phase II environmental site investigations on a number of commercial parcels in downtown Reno, Nevada, adjacent to the UPRR right-of-way as part of the City of Reno’s ReTRAC project, which relocated a several miles long section of the at grade tracks into a trench to reduce traffic congestion in the city. A metal fabrication plant with a 40 year history of operation was located on one such parcel to be acquired by the city. A historical investigation of the use of this parcel was conducted along with a site visit and interviews with current plant personnel. The results of a Phase I assessment led to a Phase II investigation of the soil and groundwater at the site. The object of these investigations was to ensure that the city did not acquire potentially contaminated properties.