Groundwater Hydrology

Groundwater Hydrology

The specific types of groundwater evaluations performed by LGS are:

  • Baseline hydrologic characterizations
  • Water Resource evaluations – safe yield analysis
  • Groundwater contamination by organic chemicals and metals
  • Groundwater contamination from mining, agricultural and industrial activities
  • Contaminant fate and transport modeling
  • Dewatering programs
  • Groundwater impact evaluations for ESA, EIS, EIR

LGS provides consulting services related to the evaluation of groundwater quality and quantity.

Assessment of groundwater quality includes evaluation of pre-impacted water quality, impacts from industrial, agricultural and mining activities, as well as characterizing water budgets from naturally occurring water quality variations. Some examples of water quality projects conducted by LGS include evaluations of potential impacts to well fields from pumping near contaminated aquifers, characterizing the extent of groundwater contamination, designing remediation systems to control and remediate groundwater plumes, and evaluation mitigation of impacts to water resources from historical industrial activities such as mining and chemical processing.

Expertise in water quantity characterization is also provided by LGS. Examples in this field of work include locating and quantifying groundwater resources for exploitation, design of dewatering well field systems, and design and characterization of recharge infiltration basins.

To obtain the optimum and most defensible results, computer modeling is used extensively in numerous applications from flow modeling to unsaturated zone leakage prediction and contaminant fate and transport analysis.

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