Ground and Surface Water Quality Evaluation in Dixie Valley, Nevada

  • Abandoned water supply well in northern Dixie Valley, Nevada.
  • Geothermal well in Dixie Valley, Nevada.
  • An abandoned water well sampling during a survey of groundwater quality in Dixie Valley. A steam plume from a geothermal power plant can be seen in the distance.

Lahontan GeoScience conducted a survey of existing water wells and springs in Dixie Valley, Nevada, to evaluate the quality of surface and ground water resources. Churchill County was considering extracting large amounts of groundwater from Dixie Valley to Fallon Nevada. LGS was hired to evaluate the groundwater quality in Dixie Valley to aid in assessing the feasibility of removing groundwater from this area. A total of 21 wells located along the western side of Dixie Valley were initially proposed for groundwater extraction locations. The groundwater quality study indicated that the best groundwater quality is located in the old Dixie Valley settlement area and degrades in quality in all directions from this area.